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Rechelle Lemasters is the founder of the Hive Institute. She is a very seasoned speaker who easily conveys a strong passion for Life, people development and breakthrough in some of the toughest trials personal or professional that we endure in life. She shares of persevering through trials into breakthrough. Her story reminds us that sometimes careers are only a season of our lives. Situations change and so does life. She was diagnosed at age 15 with a rare brain disease. Her condition actually happened before she was born. She was born without a left corroded artery. When she was born it was very touch and go. The doctors were able to save her mother and resuscitate Rechelle as she wasn’t breathing when she was born. From there the doctors treated her as if nothing was different than any other baby, they were not aware of the serious internal brain damage that she had endured.

Rechelle had been seeing doctors for a few years between the ages of 12-15 due to severe headaches. Her great-uncle, a doctor in Wichita, KS realized Rechelle was not dealing with typical migraine headaches, so he sent her to see a friend of his who specialized in Adult Neurology. It was there that the doctor realized that her brain looked 50 and vegetative. The advice they gave her was to not worry about getting educated, married or having children as she wasn’t going to live that long.

Rechelle went on to do all of those things. However at the age of 32 she was experiencing stroke symptoms. It was during this time that she had to leave her career in Human Resources, Work fiercely to convince her doctors that she was seriously ill and fight to hold . It took 18 months to convince her doctors that she had in fact had strokes. Rechelle spent the next several years with the leading of the Lord pursuing doctors at Mayo Clinic to no avail. After two years of trying to get there, She finally met a neurologist who had studied at Mayo Clinic. He made a phone call for her and 7 days later she was at Mayo Clinic meeting with one of the four leading brain surgeons in the world. It would take another 1 ½ years to convince the doctors that surgery was a must and that it could be successful. 

Rechelle’s story is one that reminds us of just how faithful God is and that he opens doors no man can close. Today Rechelle is recovering well from brain surgery. She is a picture of health and determination. Rechelle is running to win the race.


When Life Gives You Lemons


Rechelle has a diverse background in public speaking and professional training.

Rechelle’s book, Life Lessons, When all you seem to be getting is lemons: One woman’s journey that overcame and defied all the odds., is a motivational memoir and tribute to her Grammy on how to bring out the best in yourself and others. She is a frequent motivational speaker, sharing insights and lessons she has learned through her personal life and health struggle.

Personal speaking topics

· Overcoming child abuse

· Overcoming Marriage crisis

· Chronic illness

· Managing stress

Professional training topics

· Developing a plan of approach

· Leadership training

· Diversity training